Monthly Archives: September 2012


Every time the lift moves up and down,

my heart thumps up and down

Every time I hear it open,

all my senses imagine it over.

Oh and I lose my breadth

I sweat through under my clothes


My body is all heated up

and you are hanging by the door

You haven’t come to meet yet i want to explore your beauty to its core

i need you more

Need you to stay with me all day

Need you like fire

burning my sanity away

Like your eyes lighten up, scanning me through everyday.


I want to kiss that mouth. My mind is not thinking straight.

I have imagined it over a hundredth time,

and I still can’t hold you that way!!

The goodbye kiss lingered and you rushed off the other way

in a fit

the kiss conveyed all the love that stayed



our souls are still



And the wind sways

Taking me off my feet again

When your cheeks and mine,

Your neck.

Do you share what I feel

Even if you don’t speak

Of our trust

I hope you see the real me

I love you now

Love you so much that I want to make love to you every single day.