Monthly Archives: November 2012


Racing with Life.




Rising tides of goodness,

It feels wondrous to be me finally.


The sweet pleasure bartered.

Breathless and serene

The event, a splash of hormones tickling me blissfully.

Dancing butterflies playing in my insides,

I feel complete.

It is no love for you and me.

Plain joie de vivre

You bring me immense felicity.

Now I can breathe.


Well, i guess moms’ always succeed in getting us back to the track. Some my reflections and answers discovered through my talk with mine…

  • Its ok to say ‘no’ when you really want to, instead of regretting it later by bursting it all out at once.
  • Don’t do things to please other all the time. Do because you want you. Do because you feel like doing. Then you will be happy.
  • Stop judging the ones around you. Being over analytical about them won’t help.
  • Be satisfied. It is where your satisfaction ends, does the happiness n=begins and you belong there.
  • Yes, people are utterly capable of taking advantage of your innocence and your disability…
  1. of letting go
  2. of being over-understanding
  3. of letting them having their way, once in a while

however much I would like to run away from all my sins, things do have their way of catching up on you. I have to learn to respect my good soul and my bad soul and deal with my wrong decisions.Often there have been times, when I have just let myself slip over, give in to the temptations, to the sins, to the things which might be socially unacceptable in the traditional Indian culture. But the times that it has been for my sheer pleasure, its been worth it. At others, just a sense of overcoming guilt or a feeling of helplessness, of the loss of my original self.  There have been some deeds that I would never dare to put into words. But I do face them once in a while. Look at them in the eye and question their creditability. Make myself aware of the presence of a supernatural power watching over me.

Then I move on.

Not anymore.

Every action carried out by you should be your liability. You did it, because that is what you found your happiness in. There is always a choice. Never let someone else be the reason for your failure. You are the sole proprietor of yourself.

Every person has a good soul and a bad soul. The bad soul is also never bad. Only the circumstances make him that way.