Monthly Archives: December 2012


Touch my shadows

Touch my soul.

Come out

and Lie low.

Whisper softly

Love me wild.

Do me wrong

and Treat me right.


I will love you like never before.


So hold your breath,

and take your strike.

Just go for it.


Devil’s friend in the angel

Hide me behind those innocent looks

Shelter my devilish intentions

I breed a naughty soul

With cruel aspirations

Crashing beneath the sparkling exhibition


Camouflage me with the angel’s costume

Lighten me up on the outside

A deep, dark, hole perishes

Relinquishing its moves


Don’t get too close

It’s a beast hiding down there

You’ll burn in my fire

Coz it’s a trip of punishment


I’ll destroy you in my destruction

Be happy with my smile

It’s beguiling to keep you aside

Don’t peak. It’s nasty out there.

No love. No love.

Just lonely lust lives gnawing my child.


I celebrate. Not mourn.

My destruction

I drown in the night lights.

And put up a show in daylight.


Escape. Sprint.

Away from my sight

Before I mesmerize you with all the wrong insights

You’ll fall in the trap of the Satan’s smiles.


Should I be celebrate or mourn?

You left me all alone

To make way for a ‘nice’.


The layers have build up of the cast

It pains my heart to see the start

Of the happy, mesmerized life


I had asked for your love

Rejection is all you replied

Then came by a dream.

Everything I had asked for you in

Everything caring, everything frank

Perfect. He loves me with all his might.


Am so confused

Its like a roller coaster ride

I have been forced upon


I am so damaged n crippled

That a simple beam of sunlight makes me want to run away and hide

Goodness seems wrong. Everything wrong, right.

Acceptance is being so hard

Am fighting and avoiding with all my might.


All my energies, still craving for you

But you have already pushed me aside

I have nowhere to go but to the inviting light

Its calling my name all the while I am straining to hear a word from you


Oh nothing seems right

Nothing seems right

Swallow me inside n build a new me after the turmoil.