Devil’s friend in the angel

Hide me behind those innocent looks

Shelter my devilish intentions

I breed a naughty soul

With cruel aspirations

Crashing beneath the sparkling exhibition


Camouflage me with the angel’s costume

Lighten me up on the outside

A deep, dark, hole perishes

Relinquishing its moves


Don’t get too close

It’s a beast hiding down there

You’ll burn in my fire

Coz it’s a trip of punishment


I’ll destroy you in my destruction

Be happy with my smile

It’s beguiling to keep you aside

Don’t peak. It’s nasty out there.

No love. No love.

Just lonely lust lives gnawing my child.


I celebrate. Not mourn.

My destruction

I drown in the night lights.

And put up a show in daylight.


Escape. Sprint.

Away from my sight

Before I mesmerize you with all the wrong insights

You’ll fall in the trap of the Satan’s smiles.


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One thought on “Devil’s friend in the angel

  1. […] Devil’s friend in the angel. […]

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