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10 Things Everyone Hates About Sex

Thought Catalog

1. Guys who pass out directly after orgasm.

No one is saying that this is a marathon. Obviously there are times where you are just going to need to catch a few Zs after you get yours, so to speak, but there is nothing worse than a dude who is just ready to leave your eager, orgasm-less body to wither and die on the other side of the bed while he catches up on his sweaty napping. If he’s not going to do the right thing and learn to hold off a bit on his orgasm, the least he can do is make sure he finishes her off in other ways so that she’s not left to just complain to a girlfriend about it via text message as he snores away next to her.

2. People who refuse to engage in oral sex (yet expect the other person to provide).

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Touch my shadows

Touch my soul.

Come out

and Lie low.

Whisper softly

Love me wild.

Do me wrong

and Treat me right.


I will love you like never before.


So hold your breath,

and take your strike.

Just go for it.


Should I be celebrate or mourn?

You left me all alone

To make way for a ‘nice’.


The layers have build up of the cast

It pains my heart to see the start

Of the happy, mesmerized life


I had asked for your love

Rejection is all you replied

Then came by a dream.

Everything I had asked for you in

Everything caring, everything frank

Perfect. He loves me with all his might.


Am so confused

Its like a roller coaster ride

I have been forced upon


I am so damaged n crippled

That a simple beam of sunlight makes me want to run away and hide

Goodness seems wrong. Everything wrong, right.

Acceptance is being so hard

Am fighting and avoiding with all my might.


All my energies, still craving for you

But you have already pushed me aside

I have nowhere to go but to the inviting light

Its calling my name all the while I am straining to hear a word from you


Oh nothing seems right

Nothing seems right

Swallow me inside n build a new me after the turmoil.


I tear up my clothes and let myself free
A sense of guilt over coming me
Bodily pleasures
That’s all we please

Then why does this heart keeps jumping beneath

Oh its so casual
Casual to us
Exploitation of our emotions and lust.

Then why does our soul cry for sympathy
I can’t trust
Can’t trust my love for anything.

A devil is better than a fool
Numbness is better than a hopeless pool
Of love that we scan through the crowd for.
Trying to be who I am not.
Protecting myself from rejection of all sorts
But being accepted in the most frivolous way of all.


Every time the lift moves up and down,

my heart thumps up and down

Every time I hear it open,

all my senses imagine it over.

Oh and I lose my breadth

I sweat through under my clothes


My body is all heated up

and you are hanging by the door

You haven’t come to meet yet i want to explore your beauty to its core

i need you more

Need you to stay with me all day

Need you like fire

burning my sanity away

Like your eyes lighten up, scanning me through everyday.


I want to kiss that mouth. My mind is not thinking straight.

I have imagined it over a hundredth time,

and I still can’t hold you that way!!

The goodbye kiss lingered and you rushed off the other way

in a fit

the kiss conveyed all the love that stayed



our souls are still



And the wind sways

Taking me off my feet again

When your cheeks and mine,

Your neck.

Do you share what I feel

Even if you don’t speak

Of our trust

I hope you see the real me

I love you now

Love you so much that I want to make love to you every single day.







My lips are numb and my soul bare
Baby come and take me there
Away from struggle
Away from despair
Give me relief to my life’s monotony

Break the rules
and show me the moon
Take me away from this despair

My love is like a mystery
So tender, I will give all to thee
Words are all I require to heal
and a touch here, a touch there

This flyover is a cloud to me
This city, a cold shower
I need some warmth, so if you please.
Take out some time and come to me.